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Sunday, August 24, 2008

British paddler snatches gold in men's kayak single (K1) 1,000m

British paddler Tim Brabants snatched the gold medal in the men's kayak single (K1) 1,000m at the Beijing Olympics held in Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park on Friday with a result of three minutes and 26.323 seconds.

This is Britain's first Olympic gold medal in flatwater canoe/kayak races. It has only two bronze medals up to now.

The runner-up was Norway's Eirik Veraas Larsen with a result of 3:27.342, followed by Australia's Ken Wallace with a result of 3:27.485.

Tim took the lead in the whole race and he did not slow down in the final sprint. He won the heat race on Monday within three minutes and 27.828 seconds, having secured a final berth.

"It's the strongest race today. I gave my best shot. I'd like to win tomorrow. I am feeling strong for tomorrow. I will see what happens, maybe London as well," Tim told reporters in the mixed zone.

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