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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Usain Bolt scorches to record 100m win

Jamaica's Usain Bolt won the men's Olympic 100 meters in stunning style on Saturday, obliterating his own world record to win in 9.69 seconds.

He took the most coveted athletic crown with ease, soaring across the line meters clear of Trinidadian Richard Thompson in silver in 9.89 seconds. American Walter Dix won bronze in 9.91 but Bolt's blistering speed made his rivals look like sluggards.

The tall Jamaican raised his arms in triumph well before he crossed the line, thumped his chest and raced to salute supporters in the crowd who roared approval of a spectacular run.

His victory was beyond doubt within meters of the starting block and was over within a heartbeat. With 30 meters to go, Bolt glanced sideways and smiled in realization that he would win the showcase race of the Olympics.

After scorching across the line, Bolt draped himself in a Jamaican flag, took off his golden running shoes and kissed them.

"I came here just to win, that was my aim," said Bolt. "I didn't even know I'd won the record till I did my victory lap."

His performance sealed a remarkable transition from 200 meter specialist to winner of the showcase race of the Olympics.

Bolt only began racing the 100m in the last year, putting his fellow sprinters in the shade with his performances. He first really showed his threat in May, when he set a world record time of 9.72 in New York.

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