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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clarke, Symonds patch up over drinks

Andrew Symonds and Michael Clarke patched up over drinks at a cocktail party, weeks after the two cricketers' friendship went sour due to the infamous 'gone fishing' episode.

Clarke, vice-captain of the Australian team, had supported Symonds' ouster from the side after he missed a customary team meeting to go fishing in Darwin.

This apparently strained the duo's relationship with Symonds saying that the friendship was "not what it was" anymore.

But all was forgotten when the duo came face to face at a party in Brisbane ahead of the Test series against New Zealand.

"We had a cocktail party last night which was great. We spent a bit of time together having a chat and at training today we did again," Clarke was quoted as saying by 'The Australian associated Press' -- a news agency.

"It's probably been exactly how it was before he left which has been great for both of us. It is good to have him back," he added.

Clarke insisted there was no awkwardness when they met and he didn't feel any bitterness of the past while talking to the all-rounder.

"At the time when the decision was made from the leadership group ... I definitely didn't want it to affect our friendship," Clarke said.

"It certainly wasn't a personal decision. It was just what we thought was in the best interests of the team and Andrew."

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