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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jankovic Documentary Premieres in Serbia

Fans of world No.1 Jelena Jankovic in Belgrade had the opportunity to take an in-depth look into her life on and off the court last week when the feature documentary Jelena's World opened in the Serbian capital.

Following Jankovic over a 14-month period, the film shows the demanding, glamorous and exciting elements of Jankovic's life,traveling to tournaments in Madrid and Berlin, while striking a balance with her life at home in Belgrade. Jankovic was in attendance at the film's premiere on November 12 at the Roda Cineplex in Belgrade.

The film, produced by Talas Film, Belgrade and Filmkraftwerk, Berlin, was directed by award winning author/director Tanja BrzakoviƦ, who says the film was born out of her enthrallment with the charismatic young star. "I am fascinated, above all, by Jelena's energy and her being a real fighter. Even when it seems a match is lost, she never gives up," Brzakovic said.

Opening with Jankovic getting out bed and going through the same routine as all young women, the narrative quickly shifts gears into the daily routine and fast-paced world of an international tennis sensation. The 80-minute film shows how she balances her time between the media, fans and training, clearly displaying why Jankovic is a worldwide sensation and has ended the year at the top of the game.

"Although a fighter, mentally and physically strong, she is not a super-hero, but above all, natural and honest... and the director recognizes it skillfully," wrote Dubravka Lakic in a review in Belgrade's Politika newspaper. "She will laugh at herself, cry over sad memories, swear if she is angry, be shy about intimate details, and that is why she is a perfect movie hero."

Jelena's World is currently screening in Belgrade. Talas Film hopes to secure a global distribution deal for it soon. In the meantime, the trailer, in Serbian, is available here



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