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Saturday, February 21, 2009

ICC to bring BCCI and ICL on table

In a step aimed at ending the tussle between the Indian Cricket Board and the Indian Cricket League, the International Cricket Council has invited both the parties to a meeting in Johannesburg on Monday.

ICC president David Morgan and the chief executive Haroon Lorgat would meet with representatives of the BCCI and the ICL. The representative of the BCCI and the ICL had met in October last year but the talks had failed.

Morgan said he had arranged the meeting to try and bring bout a settlement to the long-running dispute between the two parties.

"I've long regarded it as a priority to bring together the BCCI and the owners of the ICL and I'm pleased to say we have fixed a meeting to take place in Johannesburg on Monday," Morgan said in a statement.

The ICC president cautiously said they were hoping to see an end the dispute but nothing can be promised.

"I hope we might be successful in coming to a mutually acceptable conclusion. I can't be certain that will be the case but I hope we can at least make a start in bringing about
a settlement.

"I think this is significant because experience tells me that the best opportunity to solve a dispute is to have the parties face-to-face," he said.

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