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Monday, September 7, 2009

Humans can't run 100m faster than 9.2 sec, claims expert

Usain Bolt believes he can race past the 100 m sprint finish line in 9.4 seconds, and experts seem to agree with him. However, if the Bolt time limit is compressed to 9.2-second mark, analysts cast doubts.

Raphael Brandon, of the English Institute of Sport, believes the 6 feet 5 inches tall Bolt can inspire athletes of a similar built on the track, which would further bring down the time for the finish.

However, he points out that running faster means sprinters have to have their feet on the ground for a certain time in order to generate the speed.

The BBC quoted Brandon as saying: "I think there will come a point where to run any faster you will have to spend so little time on the ground that you won't actually be able to generate the speed."

Brandon thinks its unlikely someone would get past the 9.2 seconds barrier, but also confesses that such limits had been drawn in the past only to have been broken.

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