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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar to bat for Aamir Khan

When cricket meets Bollywood, it's bound to be a blockbuster. In this case, it is Aamir Khan and Sachin Tendulkar. When Aamir approached his dear friend and neighbour Sachin with an interesting proposal concerning his next film, the master blaster immediately agreed. Sources close to Aamir said he had a meeting with Sachin in Anjali's presence to be part of a marketing campaign for Aamir's film which will be unveiled just days before the release.

"Sachin didn't hesitate a moment to say yes to the marketing gimmick that requires Aamir to go 'missing', with a prize announced for whoever can locate him. He told Sachin Tendulkar that before he 'disappears', he is going to declare that Sachin will have the first clue about his whereabouts and the press would be encouraged to ask Sachin the question -- 'Where is Aamir?'. Sachin has agreed to be a part of this campaign," says a source.

The producer of the film, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, also confirmed that Aamir and Sachin have teamed up for this one. "Honestly, I don't know where Aamir Khan is right now. He told me that I can't keep a secret so he is not going to disclose where he is hiding. He's told his friend Sachin Tendulkar to give out a clue about his first location.Sachin is playing his confidante in this game which makes him the only actor in the world to go missing before his film's release," Chopra says.

Kareena Kapoor, who is Aamir's leading lady in the film, laughs, "Aamir hasn't told me how he's going to play the game he has invented, but he has told Sachin about it." If that was not enough, Aamir has also made an 'Aamir Goes Missing' promotional video on a handycam which also features his wife Kiran, that was shot in his own apartment.

Meanwhile, Aamir organised a private screening of the film for Sachin, Anjali and their children at Ketnav theatre in Bandra on Friday afternoon. Sachin is one of the first persons to see the final cut of the film apart from the crew.

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