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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boris Becker empathises with sportsmen who are caught in sex scandals

Former Tennis player Boris Becker, who has had his fair share of affairs, has admitted that he empathises with sportsman who gets tangled in sex scandals.

Becker, who parted ways with his wife following his brief fling, also expressed sympathy for Tiger Woods and other high-profile people.

"Sportsmen and women are human beings, we’re not perfect, nor do we claim to be," the Age quoted Becker as saying.

"I can empathise with high-profile people who find themselves in the spotlight in this way. I feel their pain, their embarrassment, so I wouldn’t ever dare criticise anybody’s private life," he said.

When he was asked if sportsmen are more prone to straying. Becker, who described himself as “disciplined and a quick learner” said that it was all about chances.

"No. It’s just about opportunity," he added.

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