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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New owner of Sachin Tendulkar's Ferrari applies for new number

Sachin’s Ferrari car has arrived in the city, but still certain legal formalities are to be completed. One of them is transferring ownership of the car and getting a new number.

This is because Sachin Tendulkar has retained the current registration number of the car and according to its papers, is still its owner.

City-based land developer Jayesh Desai purchased Sachin’s Ferrari more than a week back. While Jayesh is enjoying its ride, legal paperwork is still to be done at Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Surat. The car has to get clearance from Surat RTO as it is registered with Mumbai RTO. Again, it also has to obtain new number because Sachin retained the original number of the vehicle.

The car’s old registration No. was MH-01-AD-9999. Owing to new rules framed by Mumbai RTO, Sachin retained number of his Ferrari, by paying Rs50,000 as fees. The car has been given temporary registration number by Mumbai RTO, which is MH-02-AV-4722. To get a new registration number Desai has made an application with Surat RTO.

“I have applied for new registration number for my new car. Hope I will get it soon,” Desai, said. However, he shied away from saying whether he has applied for a ‘lucky’ number or not.

As RTO was closed on Saturday, Desai’s application will be considered only on Monday.

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