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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Future Formula of F1

Just a fortnight since the 2008 Formula One season ended, the preparations for the next season have begun in all seriousness. However, what is different this time is that the cars, which are currently being tested at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, have undergone a radical design change.

So much so that some of them are almost unrecognisable. This is the result of the number of new regulations that the sport’s governing body, FIA, has introduced for 2009. The changes are so dramatic that many are terming it as a new revolution in Formula One.

Former F1 designer Peter Stevens certainly thinks so. Stevens, who was associated with Williams F1 team, thinks the new changes will dramatically alter the performances of cars. According to Stevens, the new regulations have been introduced to cut down the mindboggling expenditure and provide more overtaking opportunities.

“The most striking features of the new cars are the front and rear wings and the tyres,” he said. The new cars will have slick tyres that are broader. Also, the front wing is slightly broader and has a bigger ground clearance.

“Both (the changes) compliment each other. Currently, as the front wing is extremely close to the ground, the car in pursuit finds it difficult to get a smooth air flow. As a result, the grip gets lost and overtaking becomes an impossible task,” Stevens said.

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